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Customer Case Studies

The Intelligent Sleep Monitor for the Whole Family


Families are not getting enough good sleep and this poor sleep is affecting daytime behaviors, school performance, long-term health and overall happiness. After experiencing these issues with their own young families, Knit Health co-founders David Janssens, Paul Silberschatz and Evan Shapiro set out to help families understand and improve the entire family’s sleep by building a new class of smart cameras called Knit. Read More

Snapdragon Powered 360 Camera Featuring IC Real Tech


IC Real Tech’s development team worked closely with Intrinsyc Technologies, a Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. licensee, to fully integrate and maximize the use of the Snapdragon into the IC720 design. Located in Vancouver,Canada, Intrinsyc is a leader in Snapdragon-based product development for the embedded systems ecosystem. According to president Kozko, “Intrinsyc is quite a good partner with very experienced people.” Read More

Glasses-free 3D TV comes into focus thanks to Snapdragon 800 processors


Whether it’s the reported motion sickness, or the obligatory eyewear, or both—3D TV has had trouble gaining traction with fans of the small screen. But with Stream TV, users can finally ditch the glasses and get a smooth 3D TV experience from anywhere in the room. Qualcomm Technologies’ licensee, Intrinsyc, recently demonstrated the new Stream TV Networks Ultra-D Glasses-Free 4K displays at the Digital Signage Expo. And they showed that the technology goes beyond just the living room; brands can revolutionize storytelling with digital signage, and breathe new life into the old concept of billboards and train posters.    Read More

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