Snapdragon™ Flight – Frequently Asked Questions

With the purchase of the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Flight™, will it be able to fly and maneuver as shown by the QCOM YouTube video? 

Not all of the features shown in these videos such as collision avoidance, autonomous flight and position hold are currently commercially available.

What is the current software shipping with Snapdragon™ Flight™?

As of July 2016, Intrinsyc has made available a new software release for Flight™ including support for camera high frame rate mode, IMU API support, UART 2-wire mode in aDSP, new fc_addon version, OpenCL support, Dynamic video rate adaptation, FastCV, MTP support, OpenGL ES 3.0 support, and various issues addressed as compared to the previous release, which is pre-programmed on shipping Flight™ units. Customers can download this software from the Intrinsyc Support Server to fly a drone based on Flight™. Application software development with the supplied SDK allows significant customization for application development, but please note modifications of BSP is not supported in this software release. The software comes in two parts:  PX4 version: EAGLE-1.1 based on PX4 1.4.0rc3   and the Snapdragon™ Flight™ BSP version: 3.1.1

What is the purpose of the PX4 software?

The purpose of PX4 is to allow a user to control their drone.  It is open source so much enhancement and development is possible.  More than 45% of Flight™ drones in development utilize PX4.

What is the version number of the currently available software?

It is called Snapdragon™ Flight™ BSP version 3.1.1

Is there a buildable BSP available?

A buildable BSP is currently under review.  It will be released and available for download by Intrinsyc customers who have purchased a Flight™ Kit or have a Flight™ development board.  With the buildable BSP, a user can customize BSP software including non-proprietary BSP software such as GPS, Wi-Fi, USB, power management, etc.  Customers may make BSP changes, rebuild the BSP, and then flash the Flight™ Development board.  

What is the version number of the coming Buildable BSP?

It will be called Snapdragon Flight™ buildable BSP based on version 3.1.1

What is the difference between the coming buildable BSP release and the currently shipping Flight™ software, Snapdragon™ Flight™ BSP version: 3.1.1?

The same capabilities are supported on both software release. The buildable BSP will include BSP source code for customization, with the exception of proprietary code (eg, Camera HAL library).

What features are present in open source code versus the proprietary code?

Open source code includes the operating system, power management, media frameworks, and kernel drivers such as GPS, USB, and Wi-Fi. Proprietary code includes multimedia functions, specifically, Camera, Video, Audio software and codecs…. which are unique proprietary code developed by Qualcomm that are not open.

What cameras are supported on Snapdragon™ Flight™?

The first person view (FPV) camera (forward facing IMX214) and the Optical Flow camera (ground facing Omnivision OV7251) currently ship with the Snapdragon™ Flight™ Development board.  Although not currently supported in software nor a date announced for such support, there are provisions in place in both the software and hardware to support more than two cameras and different camera sensors.

 How are various propellers and motor types supported and distinguished?

The propeller and motor types are determined by the Proprietary firmware on the ESC board, that is purchased separately to the Flight™ Kit / Flight™ Development board.  A default set of firmware is available to Intrinsyc customers as identified in the ESC datasheet found on  web page.


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