Open-Q™ 410 – Frequently Asked Questions

Open-Q™ 410 – Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a collection of frequently asked questions pertaining to the Open-Q 410 Development Kit.

Details of current release:
Linux Kernel Version: 3.10.49
Android Version: 5.1.1 Lollipop

Fast Boot Instructions:
To force the device:

  •  Ensure the utility is not already running before proceeding
  •  Disconnect all cables from the board
  •  then hold down the volume “down” button, reconnect AC power  supply (keep volume button pressed down for 5 secs after connecting  power)
  •  Connect OTG
  •  Run the utility

If this process fails, your bootloader is corrupted and you will need to have the bootloader re-programmed HERE

The device is shipped pre-configured to HDMI display. If LCD display is used the following commands have to be initiated using fastboot mode:
For LCD display:
fastboot oem select-display-panel hx8379c_wvga_video

For HDMI 1080p mode:
fastboot oem select-display-panel adv7533_1080p

For HDMI 720p mode:
fastboot oem select-display-panel adv7533_720p

***NOTE that once feature is used it will be the only way to switch between HDMI and LCD modes unless the device is re-flashed

What is the max resolution on the OQ 410?

HD (1280 x 720) 60 fps; 16/18/24 bpp RGB
MIPI DSI 4-lane

     General display
Wifi display – 720p 30/1080p 30
FHD + 720p external wireless display

Is it possible to run Linux Debian or Yocto?
Currently is not possible on the Open-Q 410. If you are looking to build a commercial product using Linux, please CONTACT SALES

What Programming Languages are Supported?
C, C++, and Java

Do your boards provide some IDE (Integrated Development Environment)?
Yes, eclipse is the recommended IDE and is freely available for download

Is it possible to connect an external modem?
The DragonBoard does not support a modem. If you are building a commercial product and need cellular connectivity, please CONTACT SALES

Is there a DC Power to car connection battery through car cigarette connector?

No, you would need to make your own

Does the Open-Q have a password?
You do not need a password for that zip file. That file is meant to be used the windows utility, which you will find on the support server. The utility will unzip that file during install.

Is it possible to connect a battery?
Yes, but it would require an external charger

How many cameras will work out of the box?
Currently 1 camera is supported, the OV5640

Open-Q 410 Specifications

please see here for full specifications here

Can this device download apps from Google Play?
No. Our license with Google does not allow us to install Google Play on this device.

I’ve heard there are instructions how to add Google Play support on sites like XDA Developers?
We cannot answer questions on this topic.

How can I load software on this device without Google Play?
You can either sideload apps, or push them over ADB. If you enable MTP, leave it enabled or toggle to PTP.

Can I get source?
Yes, Intrinsyc Patches and Script. The script will download the Qualcomm baseline code, patch the code with Intrinsyc patches and proprietary libraries, and it will build the software.

What do I get in the BSP package?

The BSP contains patches for DragonBoard and Qualcomm proprietary binary blobs (GPU, Multimedia, aDSP firmware , camera libraries, OpenCL, Multimedia Codec)

Can Ubuntu be run on the Open-Q 410 development kit?

please see this blog:

Windows 10 IoT on The Open -Q 410 dev kit

please see this blog:

Win10 IoT install blog

How to install Firefox – Mozilla Web browser

Download Android Firefox from

then use “adb install xyz.apk” to push the apk to your device.

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