Intrinsyc Embedded Engieering Services


Intrinsyc leverages our unparalleled engineering expertise and product development best practices to deliver high quality, innovative products, cost-effectively and on time. With over 1,400 projects successfully delivered to leading global brand companies, you can trust Intrinsyc to deliver the results you are looking for.

Our flexible business models allow you to choose from fixed-cost turnkey product development or just augmenting your team for the most complex areas of product development such as; camera development and tuning, voice control, machine learning, mechanical and RF design, thermal and power optimization, or in whatever specific area you need help.

In addition to our production-ready Edge A/I computing solutions, Intrinsyc has an experienced multidisciplinary engineering team that can complete all aspects of IoT product development, including:

Hardware engineering

Hardware Engineering

In addition to designing and developing our proprietary advanced development kits, hardware reference designs and high volume production system-on…More

Mechanical Engineering

Intrinsyc Technologies’ mechanical engineering team has extensive experience in the development and commercialization of mobile and IoT products…More

Software Engineering

Intrinsyc’s software engineering team works with our technology partners at the earliest stages of new chip introduction, giving us valuable early access know…More

Camera Development

Intrinsyc has strong system expertise in camera embedded and IoT devices. Intrinsyc has especially strong expertise and experience in developing Snapdragon…More

Audio Development

Intrinsyc has superior expertise in audio technology and tuning gained through the development of scores of products with advanced audio capabilities. Many…More

AI/Machine Learning

In addition to designing and developing our proprietary advanced development kits,hardware reference designs and high volume production system-on…More

Device Management

Intrinsyc helps our clients to build thoughtful device management and security into their products, with expertise in these key areas…

Rapid Prototyping

Intrinsyc provides rapid prototyping services to help our clients explore and realize concepts in a quick and cost-effective manner.Rapid prototyping takes ideas, images and…More

Quality Assurance

Intrinsyc’s Quality Assurance Services are designed with these key objectives: Superior Quality, Quickest Time to Market, Cost Avoidance


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