Open-Q™ 845 µSOM and Development Kit Now Available -

16 Dec 2019

Open-Q™ 845 µSOM and Development Kit Now Available

Intrinsyc’s latest product in the µSOM family of ultra-compact, production-ready embedded modules has started shipping and is now available to order online. The 25 x 50 mm small µSOM is the smallest Snapdragon™ SDA845 based embedded module on the market and is available with a full-featured development platform for evaluation and product development, as well as providing a tested reference design for your own custom carrier board.

The first prototypes have been validated, early adopter dev kits have shipped, and we already have clients in the midst of developing innovative new products based on the Open-Q™ 845 µSOM. Production ramp is starting, with more dev kits and SOMs to be available in January, and production volumes of SOMs coming in February.

We have also posted an “Unboxing” video showing one of the first 845 µSOM Development Kits in action. You can find it here on our YouTube channel.

Full product documentation and SW are ready with both an Android 9 BSP and a Yocto Linux BSP available now. The dev kits and SOMs ship with Android 9 pre-programmed and the Linux BSP is available as a free download to registered customers who want to reprogram with Linux. The 845 µSOM will be available from Intrinsyc’s online store in two standard memory sizes – 32GB flash + 4GB RAM, or 64GB flash + 6GB RAM, with the smaller memory version available in early January and the larger memory version in February.

Future plans include SW updates to the Android 9 and Linux BSPs in January to provide new features and performance improvements, as well as Android 10 and Wi-Fi/BT certification coming later in Q1.

The Open-Q™ 845 µSOM is ideal for powering the most advanced robotics, drones, cameras, and embedded IoT devices requiring the latest in on-device AI, camera capabilities, image processing, and hardware-based security layers. To get started on your new product development using the 845 µSOM visit Intrinsyc’s website at:

845 µSOM:

Development Kit:

And you can place your Dev Kit and SOM orders at Intrinsyc’s online store:

In addition to production-ready SOMs, development platforms, and tools, Intrinsyc offers turnkey product development services, driver and application software development, and technical support. Contact Intrinsyc at with your product requirements and have one of the Company’s solution architects help plan your successful product development and launch.

Author: Russ Fretenburg, Product Manager, Intrinsyc Technologies

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