Open-Q™ 835 µSOM now has FCC/IC Modular Certification -

08 Nov 2019

Open-Q™ 835 µSOM now has FCC/IC Modular Certification

Intrinsyc’s premium performance Open-Q™ 835 µSOM has recently achieved Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modular certification with FCC and Industry Canada. This is great news for current and future customers going into production with the 835 µSOM as it will save significant time and money versus having to complete your own Wi-Fi/BT certification. Intrinsyc’s modular certification can be used as part of the overall product certification instead of having to complete the Wi-Fi/BT intentional radiator testing with your product. This testing is complex, requires special tools, and forms a large portion of typical product certification testing if not using a pre-certified SOM. This is especially true with the 835 µSOM since its Wi-Fi features dual-band 802.11ac 2×2 MIMO capability, requiring many hours of lab time to test every frequency band, mode, and both antenna ports.

The pre-certified Open-Q™ 835 µSOM is ideal as the computing core of your next camera, video, gaming, VR/AR, or other advanced connected IoT device. To find out more about the ultra-compact, production-ready 835 µSOM, visit our website, or contact Intrinsyc at


Author: Russ Fretenburg, Product Manager, Intrinsyc Technologies

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