New High Performance, Long Life, Open-Q™ 820Pro µSOM -Now Available -

18 Jun 2019

New High Performance, Long Life, Open-Q™ 820Pro µSOM -Now Available

Intrinsyc’s recently announced addition to the Open-Q™ System-on-Module lineup provides an easy upgrade path from the popular Open-Q™ 820 µSOM for those needing more processing power for demanding edge-compute and IoT use cases. The 820Pro µSOM, based on Qualcomm’s second-gen Snapdragon 820 SoC (APQ8096SG), provides enhanced processing power and larger memory in a pin-compatible, drop-in replacement, requiring only software changes to achieve higher performance with more efficiency. The production-ready, pre-certified SOM offers 9% faster CPU and 5% faster GPU speeds at the same power consumption level.  With 33% more RAM available, memory intensive applications such as video analytics and AI will have the resources they need for optimal performance.

Since the higher clock speeds of the 820Pro µSOM run at the same power consumption as the original 820 µSOM, the improved efficiency can provide lower average power consumption for equivalent processing tasks. The performance will vary depending on the specific application but results of Intrinsyc’s power consumption measurements over a variety of use cases show an average reduction of 8%.

The benefits of the higher performing CPU and GPU, along with the larger memory, show up in benchmark tests of the 820Pro µSOM. PCMark test results run on the 820 µSOM versus the 820Pro µSOM shows a 27% improvement in the overall score and the 3DMark OpenGL ES 3.1 test showed 7% improvement.

In addition to the performance improvements, another benefit of the 820Pro µSOM is the long-term availability. Qualcomm has committed to make the APQ8096SG version of the Snapdragon 820 SoC available until 2025.

The 820Pro µSOM is available to purchase individually or as part of the 820Pro µSOM Development Kit and uses the exact same carrier board as the original 820 µSOM. For those who already own an 820 µSOM Development Kit and want to swap in the new 820Pro µSOM you can purchase only the SOM. All the standard accessories are also supported with the new 820Pro µSOM – the same LCD display and cameras.

In terms of software, the 820Pro µSOM will ship loaded with Intrinsyc’s Android 9 release v5.0.1, which is common with the standard 820 µSOM and the larger 820 SOM. Debian Linux will also be supported on the new 820Pro µSOM and will be downloadable from Intrinsyc’s Technical Portal very soon.

Further information is available on Intrinsyc’s website and documentation is available on the 820Pro µSOM Technical Portal:

Both the SOM and Dev Kit are on Intrinsyc’s online store now, ready for ordering, with delivery planned for early July.



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