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Intrinsyc Technologies’ mechanical engineering team has extensive experience in the development and commercialization of mobile and IoT products. This design experience spans a breadth of product types, with a variety of thermal and structural engineering challenges, high density device packaging, as well as design for ruggedized products. The mechanical design and manufacturing experience can support proof of concept/prototype projects and low to high volume fabrication and production processes.

We work closely with customers to ensure their product vision can be realized, and employs a collaborative team approach across engineering disciplines, marketing, operations, regulatory, and product teams to assure high product quality while minimizing development time. While Intrinsyc’s mechanical engineering capabilities span the entire development cycle, there are often opportunities that utilize a subset of the entire process. Intrinsyc’s approach is flexible and can accommodate any customer’s requirements.

As part of product design services, Intrinsyc offers wireless and antenna design. In addition to the standard wireless connectivity solutions such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, we have expertise in non-standard radio system design and can provide a customized solution for your product if required. This could involve radio system architecture development, radio range and link budget analysis, or even custom wireless protocol development.

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