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Connected Cameras

An action camera is a high-definition personal camera used in extreme action photography. It is used in unusual places such as mountains, underwater, air, cars, and more. These cameras are hand-free and can be mounted anywhere on the body. Such cameras are popular with water sports enthusiasts, skiers, motorcyclists, drivers, and mountain bikers. Another increasing application of wearable camera technology is with the military, police, firefighters, and other first responders. Cameras are also used for surveillance in numerous areas from industry and retail, to connected cameras for the home.

Intrinsyc has enormous experience in integrating a variety of connected cameras, including 360 degree and stereoscopic capabilities. Intrinsyc even has a camera lab where we can do camera tuning.

Intrinsyc’s Snapdragon based computing platforms are ideal for creating breakthrough camera technology due to their powerful heterogeneous SOC, with multi-core application processors, image signal processors, graphics processing unit, DSP, and advanced imaging software.

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