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One of the main challenges with in-vehicle infotainment is how to match the experience in the vehicle that users enjoy on their smartphone, while ensuring the reliability and security expected in an automotive environment. Users expect to integrate their consumer electronics seamlessly. A vehicle system has significantly different reliability, security, and safety constraints than usual electronics such as a smartphones, for example touch screen interfaces are replaced with voice interaction and use of the in-car controls to manage content.

Intrinsyc brings years of technology experience and expertise in creating advanced mobile technology to the creation of solutions for in-vehicle infotainment. In addition, to our experience creating system level software with Windows Automotive, QNX, and Linux operating systems, Intrinsyc developed Destinator®, a complete turn-by-turn navigation application, which was widely used in PNDs and Smartphones, and in the McLaren Supercar, with map and language support in numerous regions around the world.

Intrinsyc is a licensee for Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processors and we offer a development kit, technical support, and development services for companies looking to build automotive solutions using Qualcomm’s automotive grade Snapdragon processor.

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