Getting started with the Intrinsyc Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Flight Kit -

26 Oct 2016

Getting started with the Intrinsyc Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Flight Kit

Who should buy the Flight kit?

This not a hobbyists kit or for the faint of heart. This kit is for you if you plan on developing drone control software. This kit is targeted at advanced users who are comfortable with performing non-trivial Linux software builds and integrations. This kit does not include motors or propellers so you can’t build and fly a drone with just this kit.

What’s great about this kit?

This kit is great because of the highly capable Snapdragon quad-core 801 processor running Linux supporting two cameras; a 4K forward looking camera and VGA downward looking camera used for collision avoidance. Support for the 4K camera is out of the box while the down-looking camera support is via 3rd parties. The complete hardware spec is here. Some people buy this kit to develop non-drone Linux based 4K video products using the 801 quad-core processor.

What do you need to get flying?

If you are developing drone software, then all you need is this kit and your desktop development environment. If you are planning on building and flying a drone you will need to buy the motor controller, motors, propellers, batteries and remote controller separately. Intrinsyc sells the motor controller and we provide a parts list for everything else you need but we don’t supply everything as a complete kit. We do supply step-by-step instructions on what to buy and how to assemble the hardware bits and how to load the software. (see Build your drone and fly it! Walk-through instructions) Quite a few people have built working drones based on this kit; search YouTube for “Snapdragon Flight”.

Before you buy this kit watch these videos:

And read this:
Using OpenEmbedded with Snapdragon Flight- The Linux Foundation

Source: Mark Charlebois, Linux Foundation

The Flight kit is based on the PX4 project. What is the PX4 project?

The PX4 project is an open source flight control software project; details can be found here and here. There is a ton of information on the web on this project. Being open source, you can debug, modify and customize the flight control software as you desire.

What’s included in the kit and what’s not?

Included in the Snapdragon Flight kit is just the CPU board; no motor controllers, no motors or propellers. See here. This is a great kit for drone software developers but does require significantly more hardware to build a working drone. With your purchase, you get access to the documentation suite and the source code.

snapdragonflight kit guide


Can Intrinsyc help you with specific questions?

Absolutely! Each of our kits is supplied with a limited amount of free technical support and additional support is available for purchase. Most of our customers successfully get the build environment up and running without any help from us. Many customers have successfully built working drones.

For more information please contact
Intrinsyc Technologies Corporation
Phone: +1-604-801-6461

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