Mobile World Congress 2017

MWC 2017

Hola! Join us at world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry being held in Barcelona from 27 Feb - 2 March 2017.

Intrinsyc offers complete mobile solutions to OEMs/ODMs around the world with its key telephony IP, UI framework development and customization experience and its system software engineering expertise.With over 94,000 attendees, every year some of the world's biggest organizations and thought leaders gather in Barcelona for the biggest exhibition in the mobile advertising industry.

Whether you want to design from a concept or buy something more production ready, Intrinsyc has solutions for you; including reference designs, computing platforms, software/hardware services and more! 

Request a meeting with the Intrinsyc team now at the world’s biggest mobile event to bring your mobile concept to production.

Meeting Room: 2c12MR


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MWC 2017

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