Development Kits General – Frequently Asked Questions


Development Boards – Frequently Asked Questions
What’s the difference between a Qualcomm™ DragonBoard development kit and an Intrinsyc Open-Q™ development kit?-
  • DragonBoard dev-kits are designed by Qualcomm using their Snapdragon™ processors and manufactured, distributed and supported by Intrinsyc.
  • Open-Q™ is Intrinsyc’s own brand of development boards. Open-Q are designed in North America by Intrinsyc engineers and depending on the product are either manufactured in North America or China.
What does Snapdragon™ mean?+
I’m interested in building a product using a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, what are my options?+
What’s the difference between a dev-kit, single board computer and a SOM?+
When we buy from Intrinsyc do we get Qualcomm® support?+
What production-ready computing solutions do you have?+
Do you provide Android and Linux source code?+
What documentation comes with your dev-kit?+
What is included in the dev-kit BSP?+
Does Intrinsyc have access to Qualcomm’s Hexagon™ DSP?+
What is your experience with 3D capture?+
Can I use a PO to purchase a development kit?+
Do you have re-sellers and can I resell my board?+
Do any of your products contain cellular modems?+
Can I develop a camera sensor driver with your dev-kits?+
Do you provide source code for the Android Hardware Composer HAL?+
Can I burn my own custom bootloader onto your dev-kits?+

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