Automotive Development Platform Overview -

15 Dec 2016

Automotive Development Platform Overview



Intrinsyc has been a Qualcomm automotive partner and licensee for many years and in that time, we have worked with Qualcomm to manufacture, deliver and support automotive grade Qualcomm based 602 and 820 based automotive development platforms that have been used by automotive OEMs all over the world. ADP v2 is the latest version of the automotive grade platform based on the S820A. Automotive OEMs love the platform because of its high compute power (CPU, GPU & DSP) and the spectacular camera, audio and visual performance. As you are well aware, Qualcomm builds world leading mobile phone chipsets that ship in the 100’s of millions of units per year and it’s these same chipset cores, hardened for extreme temperatures, that are used in high-performance in-vehicle automotive electronics systems.

As an example the S820A v2 ADP can ingest x streams of 4K video while simultaneously displaying 4K video. You may wonder why 4K video is important considering the size of the video frame is beyond the capability of most displays and the answer is that in today’s sophisticated vision systems, 4K video is a required to achieve the resolution, image detection and tracking required for navigation and collision avoidance systems – and therefore the in-vehicle computing system must have the ability to process frames of 4K video in real-time. No small challenge.



ADP out of box experience

When you take delivery of a ADP v2 you are unboxing one of the world’s most capable in-vehicle computing platforms available on the market today. The ADP kit is complete and gets you up and running in minutes. All the features of Android 6 Marshmallow are available to you immediately. Loading up APKs is a breeze. Evaluating audio, video and camera performance is simple.


ADP after the out of box experience

After you have unboxed your ADP and become familiar with it, you may have questions. That’s where we are here to help. We have a support desk with online ticket tracking available to you to interact with our engineering team to resolve your issues. If you have deeper questions on the esoteric details of the platform, there is an in-depth suite of documentation available to help you. If the documentation does not solve your issue our engineering team is available to help. Our very experienced hardware and software engineering team is located in North America and in Taiwan for supporting our Asia based OEMs.


What we can do for you

The ADP is not a production ready or production form-factor device. Every OEM will need to perform significant electrical, mechanical and software engineering to customize the ADP for their particular requirements.  Our engineering team is more than capable of making incremental changes, all the way up to wholesale platform redesigns. We’ve been doing product design for decades. We are experienced in:

  • Adding or subtracting peripherals
  • Performing Android and Linux BSP changes
  • Writing and optimizing device drivers
  • Enhancing cameras and displays
  • Computer vision implementations
  • Camera tuning and multiple camera support
  • Multiple display support
  • DSP, FPGA and GPU engineering
  • Application development
  • Production, validation and testing



We are the ideal Qualcomm partner with experience designing, developing and building todays sophisticated computer products. We are a Qualcomm licensee and we have direct Qualcomm support. You can buy an ADP today here. We do turnkey product development of automotive platforms; concept to production where harsh environmental considerations are paramount. We have the combination of hardware and software engineering that reduces program risks. We are fluent in application development and platform development and we have multi-OS experience in automotive – Windows, QNX, Linux, and Android.

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