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Intrinsyc Technologies Corporation is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange(TSX:ITC) and is headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Intrinsyc delivers tailored advanced technology solutions enabling our clients to create and commercialize intelligent connected products. We have close working relationships with several industry-leading technology companies and we are behind the development of some of the most innovative and successful technology products in the world.

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View the Investor Presentation - May 2015
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Quarterly Reports

View the 2015 Second Quarter Report
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View the 2015 First Quarter Report
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View the 2014 Third Quarter Report
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View the 2014 Second Quarter Report
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View the 2014 First Quarter Report
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Annual Reports

View the 2014 Annual Report
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View the 2013 Annual Report
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AGM Information

View the 2014 Notice of Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders and Management Information Circular
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View the 2014 Annual Information Form
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View the Annual General and Special Meeting Form of Proxy
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View Notice and Access Information
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Additional Shareholder Information

View the Shareholder Rights Plan Agreement
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Conference Calls

Listen 2015 Second Quarter Earnings Call
Listen 2015 First Quarter Earnings Call
Listen 2014 Fourth Quarter and Annual Earnings Call
Listen 2014 Third Quarter Earnings Call
Listen 2014 Second Quarter Earnings Call
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